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UNCTAD updates ISDS statistics for 2016

Tags: TRADE Investment protection ISDS UNCTAD

United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is the UN body responsible for... Read more

Who’s to take center stage on trade?


If you follow modern commentary, it is perceived wisdom that the European Union (EU) faces... Read more

New report on investment arbitration

Tags: TRADE arbitration dispute resolution ISDS ICS

The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) has published a new report... Read more

ICSID asks the public for input

Tags: ISDS ICSID arbitration public consultation

ICSID is the World Bank body which administers investor-state arbitrations. Read more

Case Summary: Rusoro v. Venezuela

Tags: ISDS ICS Investment protection arbitration

This case summary is based on the August 2016 award in the case between Rusoro and Venezuela. Read more

Brexit and Trump: an unholy alliance

Tags: TRADE protectionism EU US Brexit TTIP TPP

Since my last blog post, we have seen something that had loomed over us all for some time — the... Read more

Frequent standards of protection: full protection and security (FPS)

Tags: TTIP TRADE ISDS ICS Investment protection

Our first text about standards of protection in investment treaties is about the frequently... Read more

A mixed year for trade: what’s next?


Few people could have predicted the direction that 2016 eventually took. Between the election of... Read more

Bridging the Climate Change Policy Gap

Tags: ISDS Investment protection ICS Climate Change Sustainability

It is clear that to fight climate change, we need to scale up green investment both in terms of... Read more

Case Summary: Pac Rim Cayman LLC v El Salvador

Tags: ISDS ICS TTIP Investment protection Investment TRADE ICSID

Our next case summary is Pac Rim Cayman LLC v. El Salvador. Read more

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