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Welcome to SME:s for free trade and TTIP. Why is free trade and TTIP important for small and medium sized companies? Free trade and TTIP will help SME companies to expand their business, create jobs and generate growth. Take a look at our company stories below – each about an SME that wants to do more business in the US and thereby create more jobs here in Europe.

“The US is without doubt our largest market. We are currently selling products to just over half of the reactors there, and this means that there is a great potential to sell more.” 

Ulf Ahlberg, Ahlberg Cameras

“The American government agencies don’t believe in the European standard, and the European government agencies don’t believe in the American standard. This is exactly what TTIP is about:  sitting down around a table and saying ‘We’re all adults, and if you buy our products we’ll buy yours’.”

Adam Brånby, Woolpower

“I’m sure that I would be able fairly quickly and easily to create operations that correspond to what I currently have in Dorotea.”

Torbjörn Hahlin, Dorotea Maskiner

Exporting Safety – A short story about one SME’s desire to save lives in the US

“I’m sure that we could sell as many of these safety-classified products in the US as in Europe. Annual sales could increase by SEK 5-10 million.” 

Maud Spencer, Svalson

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